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Some Our products Categories are:

  • Panel Fabrication Machines & Tools (Punching machines, Pending Machines, Trunking and rail cutting tools,…)
  • Measurements : (Analog Meters, Digital Meters , Power & Energy Meters, Current Transformers , Meter Selector Switches ,…)
  • Relays, Sensors & Timers (Timer Relays, Control Relays, Protection Relays, Auxiliary Relays with sockets,….)
  • Fuse-Links & Holders: (Holders & Disconnectors, NH Knife Blade Fuse-LINK, Ceramic Fuses & DIN Fuse holders)
  • Buttons & Indications LEDs (Push Buttons , Indication LEDs , Selector Switches , Button Boxes,…)
  • Switching Devices (ATS Controllers & Changeover Switches , MCB Circuit Breaker , Contactors , Overload Relay ,…)
  • Industrial Sockets & Plugs (Wall Mounted Sockets, Panel Mounted Sockets, Cable Reels, Rubber Sockets & Plugs, Combination Boxes …)
  • Ventilation and Conditioning (Heaters, Filters (louver) , Fans, Thermostat & Higrostat, Ventilations & Deranage  ….)
  • Power Supply (DC) & Transformers (AC)  (Control Transformer, Power Supplys (PSU), Battery Chargers , …)
  • Terminals & Connections (Terminal Blocks screw & Push-in types, Earth & Neurtal Bars, Busbar Clamps , Stud Terminal Blocks , Monoblock Distribution Units, connector (strip), Automat (compass Bars))
  • Wires & Cable Management (PVC Glands & Blind Stops, Insulated Wire Ends (Lugs), Copper Lugs, Panel Sloted Trunking , Plastic Enclosure Box,…)
  • Insulators (Hex Insulator , Busbar Supports , Conociol Insulators , Ladder Busbar Support (Poles Insulators), …)
  • Panel Accessories: (Metering plastic covers, Hinges, Locks, Holders, project holders,…)
  • Power Factor Correction (Power Factor (Reactive Power) Relay, Capacitors, Harmonic Inductors, Compansation Contactors, …)
  • Consumbles (Cable Tie, tie mount, Spirals, Cable Markers, Engraving Sheets, Insulation tape,…)
  • Miscellaneous Products (Panel LED lights, Buzzers, DIN sockets, Cable Bellow & Holders,…)